About us

We are a team of well-chosen tourism professionals with extensive practical expertise in arranging tours and itineraries all around our beloved Jordan. We work with a group of certified meditation and yoga practitioners and soul healers with a passion for enriching human souls, under the umbrella of Jordan Meditation Club (JMC), which is managed and led by Mr. Nyazi Shabaan who is the founder of Nyazi Tours, one of the top Jordanian inbound travel agencies, since 1995.

JMC is a result of Mr. Nyazi's dream back in 1996 to make Jordan one of the World's meditation tourism spots. At that time, he encouraged tourists to search for inner peace, contact with themselves, and meditate in the desert, which was documented in his company's brochure promoting tourism in Jordan at that time (and yes, we still have copies of it!). In 2007, he practiced meditation himself and felt in love with it. He then started gathering his powers to compile and orchestrate the required efforts to add Jordan as a new destination to the World meditation and yoga map.

At JMC, we aim to become the premier meditation tourism organizer in Jordan by arranging meditation, yoga, and cultural events and activities for tourists from all over the World as well as locals. And because we know Jordan very well, we have composed the "location and timing" map for the best positive energy sites and spots for meditation tourism such as Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Amman, and Aqaba. This is added to the already offered day-to-day professional tourism services of more than 20 years by Nyazi Tours who served tourists in tours, entertainment, logistics, transportation, and accommodation.

Meditation Tourism

Well-Chosen Team

Practical Expertise

Certified Practitioners

Our Practitioners/Soul Healers

Alena Bartoli

Soul Healer

Alena Bartoli, MA, RYT 200, is a graduate of the Kripalu School of Yoga, Massachusetts, USA. She holds degrees from Uppsala University, Sweden and Yale University, USA. A graduate of Deerfield Academy, USA, the high school alma mater of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Alena was first drawn to Jordan by His Majesty's spirit of education as transformation. Alena's teaching draws from diverse traditions of meditation. She focuses on gently guiding students into deeper connection with self through the use of body and breath awareness.

Nora Nobani

Soul Healer

Nora Nobani is a certified Original Reiki Grand Master, Kundalini Reiki Master and a Theta Healer who has passion for bringing people closer to their Truth through meditation, energy healing and life coaching. Her soothing voice and calming energy have assisted many souls in healing their traumas and finding their way back to inner peace. She uses her intuitive abilities and healing gifts and techniques in her meditations and sessions, adding a zest of magic to a beautiful unique experience.

Danah Elmasri

Intuitive Healer

Danah Elmasri is a certified Original Reiki Grand Master and a gifted intuitive life coach, her empowering attitude and reading abilities have given her access to "see" beyond words and perceptions to assist people in reaching their full potential and to heal. Her passion for energy work and meditation can be seen in the beautiful transformations of the many souls she has helped. Her friends describe her as a pure mirror for Truth.

Leen Samarah

Energy Healing Consultant

Leen Samarah is a reiki grand master, theta healing practitioner who provided several custom meditations, learned TRE and on a journey to be a yin yoga teacher. She is so grateful for the opportunities she came across, the beautiful souls she learnt from and the challenges she faced, it all lead to the beautiful path that she is now happily passing. She looks forward to share the teachings she learnt during her journey such as and not limited to yoga practicing, meditation, reiki and theta healing.