About us

We are a team of well-chosen meditation professionals with extensive practical expertise in arranging meditation events all around our beloved Jordan. We work with a group of certified meditation and yoga practitioners and soul healers with a passion for enriching human souls, under the umbrella of Jordan Meditation Club (JMC).

  • We are the representative for International Meditation and Yoga as new products in Jordan.
  • We are the first to add Jordan as a new destination to the World's Meditation and Yoga map.
  • Our board members are all well-known people with high level of expertise in this product.
  • We have the map of the positive energy in all different locations in Jordan.
  • We can choose the right timing for Meditation and Yoga sessions in every corner in Jordan.
  • We have all possibilities for all logistic services you may need in Jordan including:
  • Transportation: Car, van and all types of buses with full insurance.
  • Accommodation at all types of hotels and camps all over Jordan with competitive prices.

JMC is a result of our dream back in 1996 to make Jordan one of the World's meditation tourism spots. At that time, we encouraged tourists to search for inner peace, contact with themselves, and meditate in the desert to promote tourism in Jordan at that time. In 2007, we practiced meditation through (JMC) and felt in love with it. Then we started gathering our powers to compile and orchestrate the required efforts to add Jordan as a new destination to the World meditation and yoga map.

At JMC, we aim to become the premier meditation tourism organizer in Jordan by arranging meditation, yoga and cultural events and activities for tourists from all over the world as well as locals. And because we know Jordan very well, we have composed the "location and timing" map for the best positive energy sites and spots for meditation tourism such as Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba.

Meditation Tourism

Well-Chosen Team

Practical Expertise

Certified Practitioners

Our Facilitator

Sonya Vojvodic

Sonya Vojvodic is meditation, yoga and music teacher/performer born in Bosnia. After 15 years of education in music and final graduation, she moved to India to study yoga and meditation. Since that time, her learning, growing and teaching never stops. She gives classes and workshops all around the world and this year, she is going to share her knowledge and message in Jordan!

Meditation is a tool which when practiced correctly, can transform our all life. Since the roots of all our problems are in the mind, it helps us enter them and heal on the deepest level. There are many different stiles of meditation and all of them have the same goal. We prefer to keep it pure and simple, giving all the participants a tools they can use in everyday life. Sonya loves to include her healing music in meditation sessions. She founds that meditation and music combined together gives the best results! As the sound helps us focus and meditate easier, so does with meditation, music reaches its purest form. We choose beautiful and powerful places where it will be easier to connect, to meditate, far from busyness of the modern society.

Everybody is welcome to join meditation, it doesn't matter the previous experience about the subject. We are doing it together, from the beginning, breath by breath. Our goal is to spread it so more and more people enjoy living aware, beautiful, stress-free life! Discover the peace inside and learn how to access it naturally, anytime, any moment.